Sunday, February 15, 2009


This week we recieved alot of snow. Korty gets so excited when it snows because he get to help shovel the sidewalks with the snow shovel Santa brought. So friday when Brad got home from the farm, the boys went out and shoveled the snow. When they were done Brad came in and left Korty outside to play. After a while Brad went out to check on him and he found all the snow back on the side walks. This made him mad,he knew who did it so he hollered at Korty and asked what happened? Korty just looked up at him and as confident as can be he said, "Dad, I just wanted to tease you that it snowed again." Needless to say Brad couldn't stay mad, instead they shoveled it off again!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Discovery Gateway

We LOVE Discovery Gateway- We can go there and spend hours, Usually we run out of time long before we get bored.

Last week we decided to try and go to the hand on class they offer there. We lucked out not only did we get the class but they were making ICE CREAM. Korty and Sadie were SO excited. It was really fun and at the end everyone got to sample the ice cream. I think you can see by their smiles, they had a fun day!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


January 17th 2008
This was a day I will never forget! Grandma Jo finally picked a day for us to go and get grandpa's work done. Grandpa was sealed to grandma, and 3 of their children. Grandpa was also sealed to his parents. I loved it!
I cannot express how amazing it was. I am very greatful that I was able to be part of it. Grandma Jo now has her Fairy Tale ending -----TIME and ALL ETERNITY!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

HOLD ON !!!!

I'm sure everyone has taken there kids to the mall and let them ride on these over priced rides. This last week Brad and I went on a BIG vacation to Provo. We went and ate at the mall and of course this is where we ended up. Long story short, Jacob LOVED it!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Way Korty Thinks!!

We use a lot of electric fence with our cows at the farm. Most of the time we have just one wire attached to blue plastic posts every so often to keep the cows where we want them. This fall we used this electric fence to separate our cows from their calves and wean them. Korty has been pretty involved with the cows and he helped wean the calves this fall.... Now for the story...

This is kinda funny. Last week I took Jacob to Dr. Nate my kids dentist. After a check up we found that he had cavities from me still nursing. So that night we were all in the living room and Brad and I were talking about weaning him and how to do it. Then Korty looked around the room and said,"Dad there is enough room in here, I just don't know how to poke the Blue Posts down into the carpet." The mind of our farming son- thanks for the laugh Korty.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

The Bundersons 2008

BRAD has been really busy this year irrigating, making hay, chasing cows and working for Harward Irrigation. As you might guess, he doesn't get home 'til late but we are always happy to see him, even if he is covered in hay or even worse - cow poop.

KORI is always running somewhere. She's either taking kids to pre-school, t-ball games, gymnastics or driving back and forth to the farm. She always seems to find time for the occasional trip to SLC to do a little shopping. No matter where she goes though, she always likes having her kids with her.

KORTY just turned five. He loves herding cows, riding his 4-wheeler, herding cows on his 4-wheeler, and talking about herding cows on his 4-wheeler. He has also learned that he does not like building fence or baling hay (in his words BOARING!) He loves teasing his sister and helping his little brother.

SADIE is now 3 years old. She loves playing house, dressing-up like a princess, playing kitchen, shopping with mom and watching her favorite movie Old Yeller. We also learned that she loves cutting with scissors. She loves to cut everything - paper, strings, socks, heck she even cut her hair!!

JACOB is 15 months old. He just recently had surgery to get ear tubes and to have a Dermoid Cyst removed from above his left eye. It hasn't slowed him down though. He loves going to the farm, mainly to see the cows (of course). This little boy could also play with a ball all day long! He loves giving Sadie hugs and kisses, and tries to keep up with Korty.
This year we have been very blessed, and we hope you have been also!
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes
The Bundersons,
Brad, Kori, Korty, Sadie and Jacob

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Build a Bear

For Korty's Birthday Grandma B took him to Build a Bear Work Shop. This is where grandma took the kids the day of Jacobs Surgery. Korty and Grandma have been planning this date for about 2 months now. I guess when they got there it didn't take Korty very long to decide what he wanted. And it didn't take Sadie very long to convience Grandma that she didn't get anything for her birthday! Needless to say both of my kids walked out of there with an awesome new friend. Korty has a cheeta nemed JAG. Sadie had a Black Lab named Rissa.